Our comprehensive range of professional services include:

Spiritual Accompaniment 

In spiritual accompaniment, you are companioned to attend to the life-giving presence of what is ultimate in your life as you perceive it. Spiritual accompaniment is known by many names, spiritual companioning, spiritual direction, spiritual guidance, spiritual mentoring etc.


Counselling can help you to mobilise your inner resources to find solutions to problems and new ways to cope. It provides you with a supportive environment in which personal growth can occur.

Explore who you are and find direction and meaning in life.

Some of the issues you may wish to discuss in counselling are:

  • Loss, grief, trauma and bereavement
  • Difficulties in handling life transitions
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Separation and divorce
  • Self esteem issues
  • Living with a disability
  • Unresolved conflict
  • Child and adolescent problems
  • Anger management
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Sexuality and sexual orientation
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • Sexual abuse (past and present)
  • Domestic violence (physical, emotional, psychological, economic and sexual)

Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is available for counsellors, therapists, spiritual accompaniers and others with pastoral care responsibilities. Supervision promotes good practice. It focuses on supervisees' work with their clients.

Staff Development

Find the spirit in your organsiation and unlock your team's potential. Explore ways to work with organisations, leaders and individuals and respond more effectively to obstacles and challenges. Create broad new possibilities and unleash the life of your group in a safe environment. Your team can experience being their real and best selves in a group, and work cooperatively as a team. Staff development provides groups and their members with a greater ability to engage and surmount the challenges they face, and to do so with integrity and compassion.

Retreats and Workshops 

The Centre provides a comprehensive range of retreats and workshops that can be adapted to an organisation's needs:

  • Introduction to the Enneagram
  • Advanced Enneagram
  • Enneagram and Spiritual Accompaniment
  • Unlocking your Dreams
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI
  • Engaging the Spirit of your Organisation
  • Organisational planning using Open Space Technology
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Introduction to the Study of Christian Spirituality

Employee Assistance Programmes

Are your staff having difficulties in or outside of work? Do you want to improve their productivity and wellbeing? An Employee Assistance Programme is a worksite-focused programme that assists employees identify and resolve concerns that affect their performance. Organisations can contract the Centre to provide confidential counselling for their personnel. 

Online Services 

While face-to-face is a good environment in which to meet, videoconferencing is an alternative especially if you are hindered by rural isolation or disability.